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jasmin - 18 - austria
i call my boyfriend daddy and also poopyhead which is an expression of my love. that's all you need to know.
my mind is a wondrous place and so is my tumblr.
this is jane, the absolutely most splendid person i'm delighted to have in my life - go follow her!

just watched ‘horror stories 1’, a korean horror movie, and… my face is wat? that wasn’t scary, just confusing. overused horror tropes and i am usually scared by EVERYTHING. 

well, at least it helped me pass the time while doing italian.

it’s almost 0100 and i can’t fall asleep due to how lonely i feel without him breathing next to me, sleeping. i never thought i’d come to love, let alone need someone so much, with every fiber of my being. it’s strange, really, and quite frankly rather stereotypical, but in his arms i feel like nothing can hurt me, and when his lips touch mine, i forget the world around me for a moment.

as long as i have him, i don’t care if we live in a cardboard box on the street or a giant mansion. it might be dumb and a naïve thought, especially since i know how life really is, but i want this to be forever.


lmao those european porn dudes that talk incomprehensible shit like “mm bby i’m gon to fuck badabep baby beby pud my dick in de pampers”

so i think i’m just gonna stay at the boyf’s barracks room forever, okay?

i don’t need to finish school imma become a professional recluse and hikikkomori girlfriend
(no but in all seriousness meeting all kinds of nice people and stuffing myself with food and being soopah doopah in love, what more could i want?)

leans in from the half-closed door while i’m on the toilet and whispers: ‘you are so beautiful’


Some of my favorite anime fansubs